Myself Nitin. A senior android engineer with experience in Kotlin, Java, MVVM, and Jetpack, I have a strong understanding of the latest development styles and techniques with a passion for fintech and commerce startups. I've had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the industry - both in Silicon Valley and India. As a team leader, I've helped grow and mentor a global engineering team, and I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to support and nurture the startup culture in India.

In the past, I have worked on my own startups, gaining valuable experience in all aspects of the startup process. I am a strong communicator and enjoy collaborating with others to find solutions to challenging problems. I am passionate about using my skills to create intuitive, user-friendly Android apps that provide a great user experience. In my free time, you can find me hitting the skatepark or exploring the depths of philosophy through my love of reading. Oh, and I also dabble in short film making - I'm always the narrator, of course.


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